What Are The Most Used International eCommerce Platforms Today?

international eCommerce platforms in 2019

While it’s true that popularity doesn’t mean quality, it’s also true that this is a good indicator of quality. This statement is even truer when it comes to international eCommerce platforms. Of course, there may be some trending platforms of this kind that were introduced in the past year or two, but the most used international eCommerce platforms are used by thousands of individuals and organizations for years now. So, in case you need a platform like this, keep reading because we will reveal a list of some of the most used international eCommerce platforms.


This list starts with one of the oldest solutions in this sector – Volusion. Launched in 1999, Volusion is used by almost 50000 online stores today. This platform caters to stores that come from many different countries in the world. The list of positive things related to Volusion is very long. For instance, Volusion lets you synchronize your online store with eBay, Amazon, and Facebook allowing you to sell directly on these platforms. Many merchants will be glad to hear that there are no transaction fees on sales regardless of their size. If you want to learn more about the platform and find a solution to possible problems, you can use their live chat, phone, video tutorials, and in-depth guides.


Shopify may be slightly costlier compared to Volusion, but the truth is that this international eCommerce platform is used by more businesses. Although this platform has many built-in features, there’s a special Shopify store where you can find and download hundreds of app that can affect the functionality of your online store. They also have dozens of attractive, modern themes that are mobile-friendly. If you have any questions, you can use their customer support team which is available 24/7. There’s at least one downside though – you have to pay a transaction fee, but only if you are not using Shopify Payment.


Magento owns a huge market share of the growing eCommerce platform market. This platform comes with an enterprise and community version. The latter is free, but the enterprise version has more features and supports enterprise-level businesses. Magento represents a customizable eCommerce platform which provides a free extension that can help you sell your products on social media platforms and online marketplaces, It also comes with more than 9000 plugins. If you want to use the full potential of this platform, you must be prepared to pay a little bit more.

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